How can I get started enriching my life?

As 2018 ends, I thought a good way to start the new year might be to take a quick overview of some of the previous year’s most popular posts. (And some of my highlights!) Some of them are recent, some a little older – from 2017 or 2016. But all will help you get started enriching your life in 2019!

Top five

By far the most popular post this year has been ‘Are school uniforms beneficial?‘ with 42k views. A cause close to my heart. If you have children starting or starting back at school next year, you might like to take a read over the holidays. (There’s a podcast, too, if you prefer to listen!)

The next most popular post was ‘What does it mean to be poor?‘ with 24k views. A simple question with an answer you may find surprising. (There’s a podcast of this post, too)

Third up was ‘Are you keeping up with the Joneses or the Kardashians?‘ with 20k views. If you’re looking for a lighthearted read this holidays, make it this post rather than TMZ!

Fourth is a post apt for the new year ‘Are you writing your own script?‘ with close to 20k views.

And fifth is another post excellent for the new year, ‘Does money grow on trees?‘ with 16k views. It just might change how you think about money! (And it comes with a video, too!)

Personal faves

Personally, I enjoyed writing a few series this year:

Money and debt seriesHow do we talk about money (and debt) everyday?‘, ‘Which debt should I pay off first?‘, ‘What does the media (& the government) tell us about money?‘, ‘Is it okay to watch poverty porn?‘ and ‘What is debt?

Finance books seriesDo you have too much American influence?‘, ‘Do we need finance books for women (or minorities)?‘ and ‘What is an investor?

Insurance seriesDo I need insurance?‘ and ‘Should I get private health insurance before it’s too late?

Investment seriesHow can I get started investing?‘, ‘Is your portfolio diversified enough?‘ and ‘How can I reduce investing anxiety?

And finally, the series on ticketing, ‘Should you pay for two tickets?‘ and ‘Should I fly first (or business) class?

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