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What’s the best investment?

Over the weekend, having recently returned from our overseas odyssey, I was thrilled to attend the opening of Hope: From Robe to Riches. The brainchild of my dear friend, and one of Enrichmentality’s first believers, Dr. Joanne Sullivan, the exhibition is currently on display at Gum San (金山) in Ararat. And it’s an  exhibition that got me thinking about the concept of investment.

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Who’s pushing your trolley?

After some rather intense travel over the last few weeks, it has been a relief to settle down for a while and cook for ourselves again.

Combining what we’ve learned from two fantastic books, Feed Yourself for $35 a Week and The $21 Challenge, back at home in Australia, I think we’ve got grocery shopping down to a fine art – our weekly shop regularly coming in at around this mark. But I was nervous as to how we would fare here in the UK.

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