Are you worth your weight in gold?

I’ve just come back from an exhibit at the National Bank of Serbia today, where I lifted some bars (well, pretend ones!) of gold, and other precious metals.

It’s one in a long line of money museums I’ve visited over the past year. Recently, at the Bank of Lithuania money museum, I actually got to weigh myself in gold.

Apparently, were I made of gold, I’d be worth a cool 2.37 million euro. Or 2.56 million USD. Or 288 million yen.

But am I worth my weight in gold?

Maybe I’m only worth my weight in platinum (1.84 million euro)? Or in silver (a measly 33,000 euro)?

Of course, none of us are made entirely of precious metal. Even if we do contain some of it. A really little bit of it.

The average human body contains 0.2 of a milligram of gold. (Apparently it would take 40,000 people to get enough gold to make one UK sovereign coin)

Perhaps, being comprised of around 50-65% water, and 30-40% bones, with a few sundry gizzards, I’m only worth the sum of my constituents?

I’ve noticed the price of bottled water has varied significantly in Europe, from just pennies a litre to the equivalent of around $7.

But I’m afraid I drink mainly tap water, so I’d have to value my water at fractions of a penny per litre. (Remember – the water you buy in a bottle for a pound could buy you a 1000 litres from the tap!)

Then there are bones, mostly collagen and some calcium (the white element! – you need to watch this video), some ‘offal’, and not too much in the way of ‘prime cuts’.

Adding that all up, I have a ‘value’ of around $22.39. Rather depressing.

Even worse, if you just break me down into my chemicals, I’d be worth less than $5.

Of course, all of these valuations are not just macabre, but silly. Any measure of human life and limb in currency – from the black market (anything from $25 million to $1.2 billion), to insurance compensations (which vary hugely depending on where you come from) is always going to come up short.

As is true of so many things, the whole of a person is so much greater than the sum of their parts.

‘If you think you’ve got nothing to be grateful for, check your pulse.’

This inspirational saying is one I found when searching (to no avail) for the origins of the best advice I have ever read on gratitude.

Essentially, it was this:

If you don’t feel rich, consider how much you would sell your lungs for. Your brain. Your heart. Those of your children, or partner, or parent, or best friend. If you add up all those values (and I’d bet that for most, all the money in the world won’t cover it), you’ll discover that you are very rich indeed.

Enjoy the gifts you have!

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Today’s featured image is of what has to be the coolest souvenir ever – a 1884 dinar note from the National Bank of Serbia which the bank staff printed my photo on – and a certificate of my ‘value’ from the Bank of Slovenia!

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